Best Tools for Hacking for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Best Tools for Hacking for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

Best Tools for Hacking 

Nmap (Network Mapper)

NMAP is the abbreviation of 'Network Mapper', and it is a very popular open-source hackers tool. NMAP is mainly used for network search and security audits.

Indeed, thousands of system administrators around the world will use NMAP for network inventory, examine open ports, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime.

Nmap uses raw IP packets in creative ways to determine which hosts are available on the network as a tool, which services (the name and version of the application) providing information about those hosts The filter/firewall is being used by the operating system(fingerprinting) and the type of packet and version target.

There are dozens of benefits to using NMAP, one of which is the fact that the admin user is able to determine whether the network (and related nodes) need patches or not.

NMAP is literally shown in every hacker film, at least recently the Mr. Robot series.

It is also worth noting that a GUI version of NMAP is called 'Jenmap'. We will advise you to learn to use NMAP

Download: Nmap

Metasploit Penetration Testing Software

A Metasploit project is a very popular painting or hacking framework.

Metasploit, NMAP (see above) and Wireshark (see below) and maybe there are three best software hackers software tools.

If you are new to Metasploit then consider it as a 'collection of hacking tools and framework' which can be used to execute various functions. Apart from this - we should also add that if you have not ever heard of Metasploit and are interested in joining the cybersecurity industry as a special entrance examiner, then this is a 'learning' tool.

Most practical IT security courses like OSCP and CEH include Metasploit component.

It is widely used by cybersecurity professionals and entrance testers, it is a wonderful piece of software that you actually do out to learn.

Metasploit is essentially a computer security project that provides important information about the known security vulnerability to the user and helps in the preparation of methods for exploitation tests and IDS testing plans, strategies and exploitation.

There is a ton of incredibly useful MetasPoite information and we hope that the books we have selected should go anyway to help you on your journey, at least if you are going to start and use Metascape. Looking for beginner tutorials on how to do

Download: Metasploit

John The Ripper

Quite clearly - this is the best-named device: John the Ripper.

Often you will see it in the form of 'J.R.R.', this is a great piece of hacking software that is designed to crack a very complex password.

John the Ripper, which is mostly referred to as easily, 'John' is a popular password cracking painting tool that is commonly used to do dictionary attacks. John the Ripper takes string of text strings (from a text file, called 'wordlist', in which there are popular and complex words found in a dictionary or actual cracked actual passwords), in the same way Encrypting passwords like cracking (both encryption algorithms and keys), and compare output to encrypted strings. This tool can also be used to make various changes for dictionary attacks.

If you are somewhat confused between John the Ripper and THC Hydra, think of Jon the Ripper as an 'offline' password cracker while THC Hydra is an "online" cracker. easy

Download: John the Ripper

THC Hydra

We have intentionally placed THC Hydra under John the Ripper because they often go 'hand in hand'. THC Hydra (We have briefly summarized briefly for 'Hydra' on our site) is a very popular password cracker and it has a very active and experienced development team.

Essentially THC Hydra is a fast and stable network login hacking tool that will use dictionary or brute-force attacks to try different passwords and login combinations against logs on the page. This hacking tool supports a wide set of protocols including mail (POP3, IMAP, etc.), database, LDAP, SMB, VNC, and SSH. Take a look at John the Ripper too.

Download: THC Hydra


OWASP Z enters this year's top list because its large popularity and Z Attack Proxy (JAP) is now one of the most popular OWASP projects. This hacking and painting tool with its easy UI finds vulnerabilities in web applications.

The popularity of JAP is also because it has large community support and good resources. JAP provides automated scanners as well as various tools that allow cyber support to manually detect security vulnerabilities.

When used as a proxy server, it allows the user to manipulate the traffic, which includes traffic using https. It can also be run in a 'daemon' mode, which is then controlled through a REST application programming interface. 

This cross-platform tool is written in Java and it is available in all popular operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Download: OWASP Zed


Some Kali Linux users can rate Wireshark as the top Wi-Fi painting tool, though it was surprisingly remembered in the list of previous years. 

Wireshark is the world's premier network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what's happening on your network at the microscopic level. 

It is the standard (and often the De Jure) standard in many industries and educational institutions.

If not the best network, then the best network (protocol) analyzer tool is available. 

With Wireshark, you can analyze the largest description of the network to see what is happening. 

Wireshark can be used for live packet capturing, a deeper inspection of hundreds of protocols, browse and filter packets and multi-platform.

Download: Wireshark


Aircraft suits of wifi hacking equipment are legendary because they are very effective when used in right-handed hands. 

For newcomers to this wireless-specific hacking program, the Aircrack-NG 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK key hacking tool are cracking that can capture the key when sufficient data packets (in monitor mode) have been captured. 

Intruder and auditing will be your best friend for those working with wireless networks.

It is useful to know that the Aircraft-NG standard forms implement the attacks, as well as some optimizations such as the Koran attacks, along with PTW attacks to make their attacks more powerful. 

If you are an average hacker, you will be able to crack WEP in a couple of minutes and you should be very skilled at being able to crack WPA/WPA2. 

For those interested in wireless hacking, we recommend taking a look at a very awesome river, another very Popular Hacking Tool, which we can not add to our list.

Download: Aircrack-ng


Mategago is different in that it works within a digital forensic field. Mategago is a platform designed to provide a picture of an overall cyber threat in an enterprise or local environment, in which an organization operates.

One of the wonderful things about Métegago which makes it popular (and included in the Kali Linux Top Ten) is its unique perspective in offering both network and resource-based units, gathering of information gathered across the web - Whether it is the current configuration, at present location on the current visit of a weak router or members of his staff within a network, Can find, total and imagine this data! 

For those interested in learning ways to use Mategogo, we also recommend learning about the purchase of OSIN Cyber Security Data.

Download: Maltego

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel (often abbreviated to Cain) is a very popular hacking tool and one that is often mentioned online in 'Hacking Tutorials'. 

In your heart, Cain and Abel are a password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows, but it can be used in various types of off-label experiments, for example, white and black cap to fix the use of hackers can Passwords are used by methods (ie 'crack') by using tools to crack various types of network packet sniffing and password hash.

Cain, for example, will use methods such as dictionary attacks, brute force, rainbow table attacks, and cryptanalysis attacks, when the password is used to crack the hash.

Download: Cain and Abel

Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner

Nikto is another classic hacking tool that likes to use a lot of painters. It is notable that Nico has been sponsored by Netsparker (which is yet another hacking tool we have listed in our directory). 

Nikto is an open-source (GPL) web server scanner that is capable of scanning and identifying web servers for vulnerabilities.

While scanning software stacks the system searches against more than 6800 databases of potentially hazardous files/programs. 

Nikto, like other scanners, scans over older versions of more than 1300 servers and obsolete versions on more than 275 servers. 

Interestingly, Niko can also view many configuration files, server configuration items such as the presence of HTTP server options, and also attempt to identify platform-installed web servers and web applications. 

Nikto will be picked up by any semi-decent IDS device, so it is really useful when conducting a 'white-hat' / white-box painting. Surely an excellent tool for learning your skills while attacking an open box for training.

Download: Nikto Website Vulnerability Scanner

If you have your favorite hacking tool that we have not mentioned in the article, please mention it in the comments so that we can add it to our next list.
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