How to be Safe on the Internet (with Internet Safety Rules)

How to be Safe on the Internet

How to be Safe on the Internet

The Internet is very beneficial for us, but if it is not used carefully, there is no delay in harmful.

In today's times due to the Internet revolution, internet usage has increased, as well as increased internet abuse, so it is important to be aware of this.

Best Internet Security Tips

If you are using online social networking sites or online shopping or net banking on the Internet, this is the first security option, your password is, but most users do not pay attention to it.

Tell us that if you are using a password such as (1234, 12345, password, Qwerty, 123456) you are making a big mistake, then this is the worst password used by users around the world,

Which is Very Easy to Hack, Let's Make a Strong Password.

How To Choose a Secure Password
  • Password must be at least 8 characters or more.
  • Password should be used in English uppercase letters like - A, B, C
  • The password should also be used in English lowercase letters such as - a,b,c
  • The number of passwords should also be used - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • These symbols should also be used in password - ~,!, @, #, $,%, ^, &, *, (,), _, +.
If you make a password by mixing all these letters then it will look like this 
  1. ABC @ 1234,
  2. Hockey @ # 125c
  3. GB # 152 $ FV
How to Safe Online Banking

If you use Net Banking, use OPT (One Time Password), so before a transaction, a secret code will be sent to your phone, after which the transaction will be completed.

Be sure to register the mobile number in the bank so that the bank can send information to your mobile number when there is a transaction.

When using Net Banking, use the given virtual keyboard on the site so hackers could not hack your password from software like KIlogger.

Keylogger software collects information about each keystroke you typed from the keyboard and sends it to the hacker, keeping it in the wrong hands with information like NetBanking password, ATM card number and credit card number.

Social Networking Security Tips

There are also increasing incidents of cybercrime through social networking sites, hackers are engaged in stealing your personal information, that is, alert and accident happened, you need to be cautious wherever possible
  1. Do not accept friend requests of any unknown person unless you have complete knowledge about it.
  2. Do not share your photos and videos publicly
  3. If someone is sending you an incorrect message, they should immediately block them.
  4. Do not share your mobile number by forgetting on the social networking site.
  5. Use Privacy Shortcuts This type of setting is given in which you can view or who can send you a message.

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