How to Make Anonymous Phone Calls?

How to Make Anonymous Phone Calls

How To Make Anonymous Phone Calls

While the NSA (National Securing the Agency) is Tapping our Phone, and Watching us, it is almost Impossible for Someone to get a Nomination. While Security, Espionage, and Listening are always High, its time comes with Phone lines.

Text Messages are saved, your Internet Traffic starts to read, large Corporations are spying on us, but we can save ourselves at one point.

But now we need to start Encrypting and the ability to Calls unknown calls without any fear is used against us or is detected. What are some ways to clear the phone call Footprint?

Five Ways to Make Anonymous Phone Calls

Method 1. Buy Prepaid Phones: Using a Prepaid Phone you can go to the grocery store or to the market. Make sure to buy the phone with cash, and only call you the necessary calls.
  • Do not store any contacts on the phone, or leave anything or anything.
  • Keep the phone out of the battery until you need to make your call
Method 2. SpoofCard Hide Your Caller ID: With One of the biggest phone spoofer services online. Get a credit, or use your free trial service and after connecting to your phone, a call from your phone, you choose which number you want to show on the victim's phone, then you call the victim Are there.

When you call spoofcard, absolutely no trace is left, and the spoofcard redirects the phone call to the victim number. The service is one hundred percent legal.

Law enforcement agencies use it, government agencies use it, people use it to protect their identity and or call it once, and some people use it to others We do.

Whatever the chance, you can wash the sound on your sex and opposite sex, or you can change your current voice.

I personally used the service and works with the Voice Changer Caller ID spoofer.

Method 3. Use dial * 67 before dialing the number. * 67 is a very popular feature that blocks caller ID.

If you use * 67 before typing the number you want to call, it will look like "unknown caller", "block caller id" or something similar. This will ensure that the person will not be able to call you back, get your name or number.

Everything is hidden from the "private" caller ID. But your phone companies will still log all calls made in this way, and the NSA still can hear.

Method 4. Use Google Voice as a proxy number Google Voice allows you to get 100% legal phone numbers.

The number can be connected to your current phone, email, or stand alone on computer only. Google Voice works as a proxy number Maybe you want to give your number to the company without your actual number or identity, use Google Voice.

If Google is chosen, the phone can redirect to your phone, or allow others to leave the voicemail.

Google Voice is free to receive 100% calls and sends texts. But to call other numbers with your Google Voice number, you have to buy a few minutes.

Google Voice is great for hiding your actual number and make sure your identity is not included.

While being cautious, remember that Google is the owner of this service and will log all the texts, calls and numbers you have registered forever, it does not matter.

Method 5. Use a Payphone Payphone is still globally placed. The papers are always there, and the most unknown form of calling will continue. 

Most payphone accepts coins, and are in very busy places. Keep some coins, and call 100% anonymous. Some modern-day payphone credit cards, or accept the digital form of payment, never use that option. Card Schemes, RFID scanners, and many other tools can be rotated around or around the paper.

Hackers can steal your data, and 100% will be able to make calls. If possible, use only cash, coins, or any other form of non-digital payment. The shop can be found that it is OK to buy cash in the prepaid credit card store.

Try and keep Footprint at least...

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