How to Root Android Phone without Computer

How to Root Android Phone without Computer

How to Root Android Phone without Computer

Friends, There are two ways to Root a Phone: With the help of a Computer and without a Computer, today we are going to tell you How to Root the Android Phone without Computer and using Computer in this post, just read this post from beginning to end and know that How to Root Android Phone.

But friends are against the rules and condition of how to root android device, if you root the phone then your phone's service warranty can be over and the guarantee does not guarantee that your phone is root Port will, therefore, enter at your risk but friends you have our this post will come to know in simple language and easy How to Root Android Phone this post you would also tell the What is Android Rooting and how?

What is Android Rooting?

Mobile Root means that today is the sole owner of your phone, Yes, friends, if your phone is not yet root, then that phone is not just yours, even the phone maker has a phone call but if your phone Root,

you have the complete right to make all kinds of changes in your phone today.

The benefit of Android Root

  • Friends, there are many benefits to android root, we are presenting some benefits to you
  • Rooting the phone can improve your phone's battery performance significantly if we route our phone, our phone's battery life can be quite good.
  • Rooting the phone causes the speed of our phone to go up, when we take a new mobile, the speed of our phone is good, but when our phone is outdated, then the speed of our phone is completely eliminated and our phone hangs out It seems to be rooted, we get the advantage that the speed of our phone backs back.
  • Third-party applications in our phone that read the need of root access can run easily.
  • If we want to put a custom ROM on our phone too, our ROM has changed significantly in our phones, in a way, all the functions of our phone are changed.
  • We can also remove the already installed system application on our phone, due to this there is a lot of space in our phone that does not get the problem of hanging on our phone.

How to Root Android Phone without PC

For this, we need some things like-
  • Take a backup of whatever data is in your phone, after routing the cookie, data can be sent from your phone.
  • Your phone's battery is charged at least 70% if your phone stops in the middle of the routing, then your phone can also be dead.
  • You have to install one of the following applications, with the help of that you can have your phone root.
  • If the application is installed on your phone, then you will have to go to Setting in your phone and click on 'Developer Options', after that you have to turn on 'USB Debugging' only then you will be able to route your phone.
Friends, for Root Phone Without PC, we need a Rooting application, we are keeping the name of some applications before you which can make your phone Root

Root Android Phone using Framaroot

Framaroot is a great app that helps you root your Android phone, this application is very easy to run and gives all users the service to route just one click, just depending on your phone Whether this phone is rooted with this application or not, this application supports many phones. You can download it from its official website as it is not available on the Google Play Store. Its APK Download must be |

Download: Framaroot

Root Android Phone using KingRoot

KingRoot phone is considered to be a great application to root, this app can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store, this app is considered as a good app with the help of this app many people have their phones routinely rooted The app's rating is much higher than the app's app. 

Download: KingRoot

If your phone supports this application then you will not ask anyone next time that How to Root Android Phone Without PC 

Root Android Phone using vRoot

vRoot is a Chinese application that routes the phone without computers, this application is considered to be a very popular application. 

A lot of people have used it to root their phones and they have also been successful so this app can be used by many people Downloading, this application supports a lot of phones if the above applications are not supported on your phone, then you should download this app right away.

Download: vRoot

Root Android Phone using TowelRoot

The TowelRoot App is also a very good routing application that is designed for the Android KitKat version. 

This application can also root your phone in one click, you can download this application from Google Play Store or from its official website. There is also quite a good Rooting App.

Download: TowelRoot

How to Root Android Phone With PC

So friends come now How to Root the Android Phone with PC, if your phone is not rooted in the computer even after such an application exists, then once we try the computer routing process. 

To root from the computer, today we will get the help of KingoRoot. It is easy to routing this software from other software.

Step 1. First of all, download KingoRoot software on your computer by clicking here. Download From Here

Step 2. Now in your phone, as I mentioned earlier, go to USB Debugging by going to Developer Options.

Step 3. Now connect your phone to PC with the help of USB Cable.

Step 4. Remember the friends should be connected to the Internet on your computer. If your computer does not have a net, then your phone will not be root.

Step 5. Now as soon as your phone is connected to your computer, the driver will be installed on your computer. This may take some time, so wait for it.

Once the driver is installed, you will see the option to Root in KingoRoot, click on it, you click on it. This process will take some time. Once the process is finished, you will see a Finish option, click on it.

Take more friends, your phone is completely Rooted...

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