What is Java Programming?

what is java programming java basic for beginners

What is Java Programming?

What is Java?

Java Programming  Language is one of the most important, widely used computer Programming Languages in the world. In contrast to some other computer programming languages whose size of impact has decreased with years gone by, Java has become stronger.

Today, Java Programming Language is the first and the best choice in developing web-based applications and Android development.

Why Java?

One of the main reasons for Java's success is its agility. Since its original 1.0 release, Java has continually optimized for changes in the programming environment and changes in the programmer program's way. Most importantly, it has not followed trends, it has helped in making them. Java's ability to adjust the fast rate of change in the computing world is an important part of why it has been successful and continues.

History of Java

In order to fully understand Java Programming Language, one must understand the reason behind its creation, inheriting its legacy powers and shapes to inherit it. As the first successful computer languages, Java is a mix of the best elements of deep heritage combined with the new concepts needed by its unique mission.

  • Although Java is incredibly connected to the internet online environment.
  • Computer language and development happen to two fundamental reasons:
  • To customize the environment and change the usage
  • To improve the art of programming and to implement abstraction.

Java applets

An applet is a special form of Java program that is designed to be sent to the Internet and is executed automatically by browsing the Java-compatible web.


As you probably know, every time you download the "normal" program, you are taking the risk (danger) because (as) the code you are about to download may contain a virus. Trojan Horse, or other harmful code. The root cause of the problem is that the malicious code can cause its harm because it has unauthorized access to system resources.

Java on the Server Side

Can be useful as an applet, they are only one half of the client/server equation. Shortly after the initial release of Java, it became clear that Java would also be useful in favor of the server. The result was the servlet. A servlet is a small program that is executed on the server. Just one apple spreads the functionality of a web browser dynamically; Servlets dynamically expand the functionality of a web server. Therefore, with the arrival of the servlet, the Java client/server spread on both sides of the connection.

Java Version History

End of Free
Public Updates[5][6]
Support Until
JDK Beta1995??
JDK 1.0January 1996??
JDK 1.1February 1997??
J2SE 1.2December 1998??
J2SE 1.3May 2000??
J2SE 1.4February 2002October 2008February 2013
J2SE 5.0September 2004November 2009April 2015
Java SE 6December 2006April 2013December 2018
Java SE 7July 2011April 2015July 2022
Java SE 8 (LTS)March 2014January 2019 for Oracle(non-commercial)
December 2022 for Oracle(commercial)
At Least September 2023 for AdoptOpenJDK
March 2025
Java SE 9September 2017March 2018N/A
Java SE 10 (18.3)March 2018September 2018N/A
Java SE 11 (18.9 LTS)September 2018N/A for Oracle
At Least September 2022 for AdoptOpenJDK
Vendor specific
Java SE 12 (19.3)March 2019N/A for Oracle
September 2019 for OpenJDK

Old version
Older version, still supported
Latest version
Future release


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