Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Footprinting ?

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Footprinting ?

What is Footprinting?

Good Art to Collect Goal Information Called Footprinting.

The systematic and duly Footprint of an organization enables the attackers to create a close profile of the organization's security currency.

The process of gathering as much information as possible about the target system to find ways to enter the system. An ethical hacker has to spend most of his time in the profiling of an organization to gather information about the organization's profiling, Network and people related to the organization.

By using a combination of tools and techniques, along with the healthy dose of patience and brain-mailing, the attacker can take the unknown unit, and it will take up a specific series of domain names, network blocks, subnets, router, and system's personalized IP Address Can limit
Is connected to the Internet, as well as many other details related to its security currency.

Although there are two types of Footprinting Techniques

Active Footprinting


Webstring Mirroring - Download all available contents for offline analysis. and then find the vulnerability and loopholes on the website.

Emain Tracking - Check the e-mail processing path.


HTTrack Web Site Copper
Email Tracker Pro

Server verification
  • Is the server determined to be accessible?
  • Measure network path from attacker to goal
  • Identifies connectivity with the target
In Server verification an attacker can find the information like the server is reachable or not reachable, the system is on or off, and what is the measuring path of the target system, and check the connectivity of the target system and many more which system who are going to hack.


Visual traceroute
Sam Spade
TCR trace root

Passive Footprinting

Passive Footprinting is a method in which the attacker does not contact with the target system


Google Search - Attacher in Google search can get information about the target system using Google Dirk (Example: inurl intitle: site file type)

Whois queries -  In Whois queries Attacker can find information about target systems like target system, IP address, domain name registration, domain name expiration date and more.

Social networking site - A Attacker use social networking sites for gathering information about the target system using facebook, twitter, and others.

Google Hacking

Google Hacking Database (GHDB) is a compiled list of common mistakes web/server administrators, which can be easily searchable using Google
  • Admin Console
  • Password files
  • Credit Card Number
  • Unrestricted webcam and more
These two websites in the Google Hacking Database, you can find information administrator console, password file, credit card numbers, and other credential information. - is a website that shows past and history to any website. It shows all available content and it shows today how the content of my content audio and images were uploaded on the Internet. This is the best website to know all the history of any website.  - uses this website to find all improvements in an ether target system, which you can use to use this website for footprints. This is my favorite website. Its show just shows all the information on any website.


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