Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Scanning?

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Scanning

What is Scanning?

Scanning is Important for any Attacker or  Penetration Testers. In Scanning an attacker can find the information about What is Running on the Target System, Target System is live or not, What is the IP Address if the target system and other information collected an attacker.

Scanning is Important to Both Attackers and Those Responsible for Security Hosts and Networks.

Types of Scanning

Port Scanning - Check Open Ports and Services of the target system.

Networking Scanning - Check IP Address, Live Host of the target system

Vulnerability Scanning - Chech Presence of Known Weaknesses this process an attacker can find the newest Vulnerability

Searching for Vulnerabilities

If there's an exploit available, he will run it against the server and take complete control. If there isn't any, he would move on to another open port and try again on different services.

What is 0-Day Scanning

Nonone knows about the vulnerability so the Hacker could start hacking hundreds of website before the vulnerability is discovered and patched.

The hacker could sell the vulnerability for thousands of dollars.

Discovering vulnerabilities and creating an exploit for it shows that the hacker is very skillful and raises his ranks in the hacker's community.

The Big Vulnerabilities Discovered By Example

What are the Ports?

Port is a logical connection that allows data to be sent from one application to another directly. There are 65,536 available ports on a computer, with the first 1,024 beings well-known ports (0-1023)

What is Services?

Service a process requiring no user interaction that runs on a computer and facilitates the functioning of the computer operating system and associated applications.

Example - Telnet,FTP

Steps follow for Scanning System by a Hacker

Step 1: Check for Live System (Example PING or PING SWEEP)

Step 2: Chech for Open Ports (Example c:windows\system32\drivers\etc)

Step 3: Banner Grabbing

Step 4: Prepare Proxy (IMPORTANT - Don't Try to be a Suicide Hackers)

Step 5: Scan for Vulnerability

Step 6: Draw Network Diagram or Maps.

There are Some Tools for Scanning

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