Top 10 sasy ways to become a computer expert/genius

How to become a computer expert?

How to become a computer expert?

There are many questions ask many people How to become a computer expert/genius? In order to become A specialist in computers, it is very hard to do, but this information can help you become An expert in computer science

Friends are working on computers and there is a difference between working on "Fast, smart and Safe" and that is the difference. 

There is a lot of things about the Computer, which we do not know if we know about them and they are practiced properly, then we can become a specialist in a computer today, We are giving you some such information How to learn everything about computers?

How to learn everything about computers?

1. Learn about basic hardware

The first and the basic things to know about the basic hardware of computers are Because it is important. You should have known about the processor, RAM, hard drive(HDD), solid-state drive(SSD), graphics card(GPU), etc. 

Once you learn about them you can learn more easily. To do this, just open your system case and check which type of RAM is DDR 2, DDR 3 or DDR 4 installed?

Also check your processor, hard drive, graphics card, etc. After this, try to know about operating systems specifically about Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Learn the tricks and secrets of the operating system (OS) and try to apply them.

Find articles on how to follow and follow on the internet. Please remember one thing that if you are learning about the trick but not implementing it then you are wasting your time. It is important to apply it practically.

2. Learn more about the internet

Today's era is an era of internet, so get a better idea about internet, who are the best free email providers, how to create Gmail and Hotmail new e-mail, how to create Google email alerts, cookie What happens if your password is saved on your browser, how it is deleted, or how two Gmail accounts are used at the same time.

If you are an English speaker, then keep information about the English search engine so that you can search for the new information in your language. Also, know about Google Map.
3. Internet is the best teacher

The Internet is an excellent teacher. As we know that we search for something else on the Internet, it gives us a specific best result. That is why we can consider the internet as a good teacher.

Try to make a habit that whenever you are free, try to get new products coming up like graphics cards, latest software, latest tech news about technology on the internet and your knowledge as much as possible. So the first thing to do is search on Google.

Joining other social sites and joining different groups for discussion and connectivity.

4. Learn computer programming languages

Learning about Programming Languages is another step to increase your skills. Since every computer specialist knows computer languages like programming, web development, and web designing, etc.

Hacking is good even if you Learn Ethical Hacking, otherwise not. But to do this, you have to know about coding. Without coding, how can you do that?

There are many institutions or academies to learn computer languages but you have to pay money. So learn it through the internet. There are many books available on the internet that will definitely help you learn about languages. 

Apart from this, many websites are also available. You can create an account on them and start your programming course free online. Recently, I have also written an article How to learn programming language in free and Best programming books for beginners to advanced. Therefore, I should see my recommended sites and books to start my education for programming from today.

5. Watch youtube videos and also read the article

Watch YouTube videos and also read the article to increase your knowledge.

6. Use different operating systems and software

There are professional and cons to using Windows, Mac OS X, Linux OS, etc. Visit each Operating system's website to get acquainted with its features. Then, search the web for those blogs that specifically meet users of those operating systems.

Reading a user blog is a great way to know how people use their computers.
7. Always be learning networking 

Computer networking is a wide area that relates to everything related to the daily operation of the network. This includes hardware and software configuration and maintenance, troubleshooting, security configuration, analysis of networking traffic, etc., so networking is an importer for the computer expert
8. Learn about software and applications

The understanding of software is very important. Because in today's era, the software is playing an important role in computer technology. It is important to know which software is used for the purpose. Learn about android app development, web designing, web programming, etc.

There are various sites on the Internet such as Filehippo, Softonic, etc. which provide the software legally without viruses or scams. Then the Internet is saying that is the best teacher.
Find out about the software to search on the internet. For quick learning, see the tutorial on YouTube.

9. Get advanced skills

Once you have achieved the basics, venture into the advanced area. To know how to code talent separates computer talents from users. Research what different programming languages do and select one to study

10. Final opinion to become a computer genuis

So these are some of the basic highlighted ways that will help you become a computer specialist. If you have the dedication and want to work hard, you can do it easily. 

Actually, it is about priority and passion. You do not have money, but if you want to become a computer specialist seriously, just follow the above. 

Once you start the basic mentioned methods, then you will understand everything about it and you will find more ways.


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