Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Proxy? and How to use Proxy

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Proxy? and How to use Proxy

What is Proxy How to use Proxy?

A Proxy Server is essentially a middle Computer that sites between the Attacker and the Victim.

To mask your IP under a proxy server to show that you live in a different country and to make yourself untraceable.

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Proxy

Normally when you open a website, then your PC/Mobile sends your IP address to the website, so that it may then send the webpage to your Computer.

With proxy information is being sent to the proxy first, and then the prosy is pulling the website for you, then forwarding it to you. This way, on the website end, they see the IP address of the proxy you used, and not yours.

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Proxy

Why Attackers use a Proxy?

  • To hide the source IP address so that an attacker can hack without any legal corollary.
  • To mask the actual source of the attack by impersonating a fake source address of the proxy.
  • To remotely access intranets and other website resources that are normally off limits.
  • To interrupt all the request sent by an attacker and transmit them to a third destination, hence victim will only be able to identify the proxy server address.
  • Attackers chain multiple proxy servers to avoid detection.

Ethical Hacking Tutorials - What is Proxy

Here are some Proxy Website List

When you type a Web address into the address bar, retrieves the page you requested and displays it. Your computer's IP address isn't logged the server's address is.

Here are Some Tools to Change Proxy

Proxy Switcher
  1. The easy way to change the proxy setting on the fly.
  2. Full support of password protected servers.
  3. Hide your IP address from the websites you visit.
  4. Automatic proxy server switching for improved surfing
  1. Bypass Firewall restrictions.
  2. Secure privacy by hiding your IP address Work through a chain of proxy servers using different protocols.
  3. Full IPv6
  4. Proxy protocols: SOCKS v4. SOCKS v5, HTTPS and HTTP

TOR(The Onion Routing)


Best Free Proxy IP List Website

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