How to Google ?

How to Google

How to Google

How to Google? Google calls itself "the best search engine in the world", and most of these accounts make this statement true. Google is not only the world's largest and most trafficked search site, but it is also one of the 10 most popular sites on the Internet.
  • Over 73.5 million unique users go to Google every month.
  • Google is used for more than 200 million searches every day.
  • Google's search engine lists over 3 billion web pages, over 425 million images, and over 700 million USNews messages
Unlike a portal like Yahoo, Google is about search - no e-mail, not a finalized start page, streaming audio or video. But that does not mean that Google is just a simple query box. Google offers basic and advanced web search, an editor-driven directory, and dozens of specialized searches - images, news articles, Usenet newsgroup messages, street addresses, and phone numbers, and stock quotes and information.

1.) How to Google 

If you are a general Internet user, you can access Google several times a week, if not several times a day. As a normal user, you do not even use a tenth of Google Search power - which means that you are not searching efficiently or efficiently

This is probably because you could never go beyond Google's entry

Easy to use home page Google home page ( is one

The wonders of simplicity and elegant web page design In order of relevance

How to Google use Like a Pro - Secrets of Google

2.) Google automatically improves your spelling

That's right - you do not have to be a spell bee winner to do a search with Google.

That's because Google has a built-in automatic spell correction. If you are inside

A search query is misspelled vertically, How to Google recognizes how you want to type and provides the right spelling for you.

3.) Use Google's Advanced Search page

All those complicated search operators are not comfortable learning, but still, want to reinforce your search beyond the original search query? Then here's a secret for you - almost all this tuning can be done with a simple pull-down menu and checkboxes on Google's Advanced Search page.

You can access the advanced search page by clicking Advanced Search. link to Google's home page. All you have to do

All the best-tuning of the page and the right choices on How to Google for you.

How to Google use Like a Pro - Secrets of Google
Visit page or directly at: Google Advanced Search

For many users, it is easy to use advanced search pages instead of learning and enter Google's advanced operators in standard search queries. when you sometimes the search needs to be fixed, this is the page to use!

4.) Get more from your search results

For most searches, you should just list the sites on the search results page find the information you are looking for. However, Google offers many how to return more information based on your search criteria.

5.) Find more results in Google Directory

Google indexes more than three billion web pages. The only problem with indexing so many pages is that it is a kind of cruel force approach; This is the issue quantity-quality, quantity is definitely taking priority.

Google provides a web directory that is called Google Directory. google directory, organized web page listings, are included according to the category, which has been handpicked by a team of human editors. you access the Google directory by clicking the Directory tab on Google Home

How to Google use Like a Pro - Secrets of Google

Visit page or directly at:

6.) Make Google Safe for Kids

There is a lot of waste material on the internet. When you google search, some of these unwanted pages may end up in your search results this is not a big deal if it's your kids who are searching.

Fortunately, Google provides a content filter that you can apply to Google searches. Google's Safe Search filter screens the Google index for sites that contain adult information and then remove those pages from their search results.

Google uses proprietary technology for keywords, phrases, URLs, and testing google directory categories against a list of offensive words and topics.

When you activate SafeSearch, you are blocked from seeing results please tin these unwanted words and topics.

You activate SafeSearch filters from Google's Preferences page. with you three options:

Medium filtering: blocks offensive images from Google Image Search result; It does not block any page based on the objectionable text. This is the default configuration.

Strict filtering: blocks both objectionable words and images-and also contains a stiff image filter compared to the medium filtering option.

7.) Get answers from a specialist.

If you can not find what you are looking for on Google then you have the second the choice of available actions you can search for a specialist you. Google Answers offers over 500 payment researches that will do the search Public Web for Information and Different Types of Private Databases Request.

How to Google use Like a Pro - Secrets of Google

Google Answers Page:

To make a new request, enter your question, enter your question box, then click the Ask a Question button. After your request, Google the researcher searches. When a reply is received, the researcher
Google posts it in the answer and notifies you via e-mail.

8.) Find universities, government, and technology sites

Google searches the entire web for words in your search Questions You can, of course, use the site: to make the operator narrow your search Specific site or domain But Google has identified many sites that are free Users have been searched quietly and have created a series of site-specific searches
Exclusive operators can execute without the use.

Search University

Very good information on the websites of major colleges And universities That's why Google has made it easy to find specific universes city websites using google university search You can use Google University

Search for course schedules, login information, and similar searches. You access Google University Search at

Find Government Sites

Google also uses USA Finds easy to find government sites When you arrive Google USA Government Search, Google directs Your search on all sites within the .gov domain - which includes all sites Major U.S.A. Government Agencies

Search technology sites

Google has made a search related to many common techniques. you can use Technical support, these techniques, and site-specific searches to find software For information and services related to downloading and other computers.

9.) Search for names, addresses, and phone numbers

Google includes names, street addresses, and its own White Pages directory phone number. You can search this directory directly from Google Home Page. All you have to do is enter one of the following pieces of information Click the search box and then the Google Search button:

  • First name or initial, last name, and city (the state is optional) 
  • First name or initial, last name, and area code 
  • First name or initial, last name, and zip code
  • First name or initial, last name, and state
  • Last name, city, and state
  • Last name and zip code
  • Phone number (including region code)

Then Google will display a list of matching names. In each listing, son's phone number and address; Click on Yahoo! Map or MapQuest link See the map of that person's location

You can also use Google for reverse phone number lookup. (I.e., you know Phone number but do not know whose number it is.) To reverse one Lookup, you use Google's Phonebook: operator. Just enter operator By phone number (area code, with no spaces or dashes), such as This: Phonebook: 123456789.

10.) Find Usenet News Groups

All information on the Internet does not remain on the World Wide Web. Usenet Is the world's largest and oldest existing online community, which predicts the World Wide Web- But using Internet infrastructure. Usenet is Act

A combination of over 30,000 online discussion groups organized by the affiliate Subject. Usenet newsgroups often have information in exchange messages The relevant time for the questions you have.

You can access Google Groups by clicking the Groups tab on the grouping group of Google Groups or by visiting directly at

How to Google use Like a Pro - Secrets of Google

11.) Display Street Maps

Not sure how to reach a particular place? In the olden days you have to try to find Addresses on your ABC Roadmap Thanks for the internet, however, you can Now use sites like MapQues to generate online maps and driving directions. Or you can just use Google.

Google's road map feature knows when you enter the street address Displays a search option for you, and a map of that location. Yahoo partners with both Google.

12.) Look at dictionary definitions

Want to see the definition of a particular word, but do not want to bother Old hardcover dictionary is pulling? Not sure about a specific spelling? Again Use Google as an online dictionary to see any words that you can think of.

All you have to do is enter the word in question in Google's search box Then click the Google Search button. When Google returns search results The page, the word you entered will be listed at the top of the page ("searched" Web for keywords ") and underlined. Click on the word and Google will display Dictionary information for the word, supplied by

13. Solve Mathematical Equations

It's a clean one. While you may not be bothered to use the Windows Calculator, Or pick handheld calculator to reach you and sit at your desk Use Google as a calculator-the most complex calculator in the world Be sure

Original calculation

To use Google as a calculator, you just have to enter your equation or for this Click the mula in the search box and then the Google Search button.

Let's work through an example. Suppose you want to add 2 plus 3 You enter The following equation in the search box: 2 + 3. (either without or without Blank.) Click the Google Search button and you'll get your results.

Advanced calculation and constant

Google's Calculator is not limited to basic addition and multiplication. It can also be Handle more advanced calculations and tasks, including the following:
  • Binary, hexadecimal, and octal
  • Trig and Hyperbolic Trig Function
  • Logarithm
  • factorials
  • Number of imagination
Google also knows various mathematical and scientific constants, such as The number of PIs, Avogadro, and Planck's Constant. It also knows radius Earth, Sun's mass, the speed of light, constant gravity, and a More

Let's see this. Not sure what the speed of light is? Enter the speed of light, And Google returns 29, 7, 458 meters / second. What about the radius of the Earth? Enter the Radius of the Earth, and Google gives 6378.1 kilometers.

14.) Convert units of measurement

Another surprise is that Google's calculator also handles conversions. It knows Miles and meters, furlongs and light years, seconds and fortnights, and even Angstroms and Smoots- and it can change from one unit of measurement one more.

Do not know how many feet is equal to one meter? Then enter question 1 meter feet. Not sure how many spoons in a cup? Enter 1 cup in the spoon. to like Find your weight in the kilo, or your age in seconds? Enter question 180 Pounds in kg or 45 years in seconds. (Answer 3.280839 9 feet, 48 teas are Spoon, respectively 81.6466266 kg, and 1.42006167 × 10 09 seconds.)

That's right, all the formulas required for these types of conversions are difficult- Wired bus in your Google search engine as clearly as possible And Google will rest.

15.) Ask Google the answer to life, the universe, and everything

Google employees should have some free time on their hands because of they Somewhat complicated and often hard to answer in your calculator Fictional calculations To ask my favorite question is to ask a reply from life Universe and everything.


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