What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on making machines that can engage on behaviors that humans consider to be intelligent.

The ability to create intelligent machines has confused humans since ancient times, and with the advent of Computer and 50 years of research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programming techniques, the dream of smart machines is becoming a reality. Researchers are building a system that can mimic human thinking, understand speech, beat the best human chess player, and countless other feasts have never been possible before.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Definition

According to Elaine Rich, "Artificial Intelligence"

"Artificial Intelligence is the study of how to make a computer, at this time, people are better".

According to Evan Barr and Edward A. Finebaum, "The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence", AI aims to develop intelligent computers. The intelligent computer here means imitating intelligent behavior in humans.

"Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science in which intelligent computer systems are designed, i.e. systems that display our characteristics with intelligence in human behavior."

Computers vs Humans

  1. Numerical computation is fast
  2. Large Information Storage Area
  3. Fast Repetitive Operations
  4. Numerical Processing
  5. The company are just machines (executed mechanical "mindless" activities)
  1. Numerical computation is slow
  2. Small Information Storage Area
  3. Slow repetitive operation
  4. Symbolic Processing
  5. Human beings are intelligent (keep meaning from the environment).

Application of Artificial Intelligence


Playing games is a search problem that is defined
  • Initial state
  • Succession ceremonies
  • Target test
  • Path Cost / Utility / Payment Ceremony
Games provide a structured task in which success or failure can be measured with the latest effort. Sports games share the property that those who do them well are considered to display intelligence. Has two major components.

Gameplay, i.e. a commendable trick generator, and a steady evaluation function generator. The commendable trick generator is used only to expand or produce selected moves. Static assessment function generator, on the basis of statistics

The static evaluation function generates values for each and every move. natural language processing

The usefulness of computers is often limited by communication difficulties. The effective use of Computers has traditionally used Programming.

A set of languages or commands that you should use to communicate computer. The aim of natural language processing is to enable people and To communicate the computer in "natural" (human) language, such as English, Rather, in a computer language


A robot is an electro-mechanical device that can be programmed to perform Manual work Robotic Industries Association formally defines a robot as "A" reprogrammable content, multi-functional manipulations designed to move parts, For variable programmed motions through the device or special equipment Demonstrating various types of tasks.

"There are some types of" intelligent "robots Sensitive devices, such as a camera, which allows it to respond to its changes Environment, rather than follow the instructions to "Goofy."

Expert System

An expert system is a computer program that is designed to work as an expert Special Domain (area of expertise) It is also known as a knowledge-based system,

An expert system usually involves a large knowledge base, which involves the facts Regarding the domain and succession  to implement those facts expert system Currently designed to help the experts, not to replace them They have proved Useful in diverse areas such as computer system configurations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

There are various technologies that have been developed which can be implemented in various ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Work - This will be the focus of this course. These techniques are How do we represent, manipulate and argue with knowledge To solve the problems.

Knowledge Representation

Knowledge representation is important. One of the obvious results of Artificial Intelligence research so far is that solving the simple problems clearly.

A lot of knowledge is needed. Actually, need to understand a sentence Extensive knowledge of both language and context, For example, today Headline "Its President Clinton" can only be reasonably interpreted You know that this is the day after the American election. In order to truly understand a visual scene, similar knowledge is needed Types of objects in the scene. Generally, solve problems in a particular domain Knowledge of objects and knowledge of logic is necessary for the domain.

In that domain - both of these types of knowledge should be represented. Knowledge Must be efficiently and represented in a meaningful way. Efficiency is important,

Because it must be clearly presented every fact clearly Which you may ever need. There are many potentially useful facts, most of which are you will never think about that. You should be able to find new facts to Gather your current knowledge, and when necessary, and hold common idols, Which represents the general characteristics of the set of objects in the world.


Another important general technique is required when writing Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs. Often there is no direct method of finding a solution to a problem. However, you do know how to generate possibilities. For example, in solving a puzzle Know all the possible moves, but not the sequence that will lead to a solution.

You can learn all to work out somewhere Roads, buses, trains, just do not have the best route to quickly reach your destination.
One good solution is to develop good ways to search through these possibilities That's why important. Brute force technology, where you generate and make every effort

Possible solutions can work, but are often very inefficient, because there are still plenty Many possibilities to try

Search Knowledge

To solve complex problems in artificial intelligence, one Need a large amount of knowledge and some mechanism for both.

Manipulate that knowledge to create solutions to new problems If we Knowledge that it is enough to solve a problem, we have to search for ourselves.

The goal in that knowledge. To find the basis of knowledge efficiently, it is necessary to Represent the basis of knowledge in a systematic way so that it can be searched easily. Knowledge Search is a fundamental problem in Artificial Intelligence.

Knowledge can be presented in the form of facts or in some formality. The main concept is that while intelligent programs recognize the search, the search is As long as it is not constrained about knowledge, it is the computationally accurate world.

On the basis of the large knowledge which has thousands of rules, intimacy Search is a worrisome concern. When there are many possible ways Logic, it is clear that fruitless should not be pursued. Knowledge about the path The most likely to lead quickly to a target state is often called search control.


The abstract is a mental feature that allows humans to see the real world problems Depending on the current context of the problem, with a different degree of description.

Abstract means to hide the details of something. For example, if we want to If we calculate the square root of a number, then we sort the function into C.

We do not need to know the details of the implementation of this function. soon Attempts to do this included the use of macro operators, which had large operators We have made a small one.

But in this view, any details were not abolished Actual details of operators. A better approach was developed in ABSTRIPS system, which was originally planned in the hierarchy of intangible locations, In each of which the assumptions at the lower level of abstraction were ignored.


In these posts, we have defined the other definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI),  and conditions in the ground. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of related computer science With designing intelligent computer systems, that is, the systems that display Characteristics.

We deal with wisdom in human behavior, other definitions Artificial Intelligence (AI) are related to symbolic processing, statistics, and pattern matching. The problems of artificial intelligence are rarely seen, except it They are tough. Areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI)  research are constantly evolving.

However, as More people identify the location of research in a particular area as Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the will To be a part of Air India. This can be a more stable definition of Artificial Intelligence.

At present, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most famous field of research specialist system, Where programs involve knowledge of specialist level in a particular field.

Help the experts in that area Artificial Intelligence is considered the best Instead of a revolution, some of the popular application areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) include Sports, proven theorem, natural language processing, vision, speech Processing, and robotics.


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