What is Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing?

What is Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing?

What is Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is based on quantum bits or quits. Unlike traditional Computers, in which Bits must have a value of zero or one, one orbit can represent zero, one or both values Together. Allows information processing information in Qubits to process

The way in which there is no equivalent in classical computing, like taking advantage of the event Quantum tunnel and quantum confusion Thus, a Quantum Computer can be theoretically

Be able to solve some problems in a few days, which will take millions of years on the classical Quantum Computer.

Quantum Computer is a potential future technology that will revolutionize computing Using quantic bits or quirky bizarre properties. Qubits are analog quantum Classical computer bits "0" and "1".

Quantum Computers can break normal Cryptography techniques, discover huge datasets, and Simulate the quantum system in the fraction of the time that will take today's computer.

Digital Gate-Modal Quantum Computer

In the long run, the emergence of scalable, fault-tolerant, digital quantum computers provides one New direction to progress in high-performance computing as a means of reaching conventional technologies Their fundamental limitations Searching for many areas of quantum speedup DOE interest including simulations for chemical, atom and particle physics, and Materials Science, as well as data analysis and machine learning. Also, quantum speedups have been done

Basic primitives of applied mathematics such as linear algebra, integration, Optimization, and Graph Theory They demonstrate the ability of quantum computers to create Better-scaling methods (faster in some cases faster) for a wide variety of performance Scientific computing works The practical realization of this capability will depend not only on

Progress in quantum computing hardware but also in optimizing languages

Compiler to translate these abstract algorithms into solid sequences of processing quantum Gates, and simulators to test and verify these sequences. Such software is in development

Understanding the potential of quantum information science and high- Display Computing

Quantum mechanics describes the behavior and interaction of the substance and energy on the scale Individual atom or sub-particle particle We easily understand collective effects Particle on a very large scale, but quantum behavior may seem weird and counterintuitive For example, at the most fundamental level, both substance and radiation (Including visible light) in some ways behave differently and in other ways Continuous waves, which result in amazing properties.

These quantum events include Superposition (which includes all possible measurement results along with a system With some possibilities and having such a measurement is only a fixed value) and Confusion (a superposition of states of multiple particles, in which their properties are Correlated with each other). Taking advantage of such properties to process the information- Working at the intersection of the quantum event with information science-provides unique

And exciting opportunities in sensing, metrology, navigation, communication, fundamental Physics, simulation, a new paradigm in computing, and many other areas. This exciting In a new report of the National Science and Technology Council, the possibilities are summarized (NSTC), pursue Quantum Information Science: National Challenges and Opportunities.

The NSTC report being released today is the product of an interregional workgroup Designed to assess the current situation of the region, coordination of activities in relevant federal Include agencies, stakeholders, and consider ways to overcome obstacles and facilitate progress In quantum information science (QIs) To date, internal discussions include,

Agency-led and interactive workshops, and public requests for information; working group In the efforts will continue to include both federal activity and access to relevant research, Development, and related communities are essential in supporting the broad ecosystem

Quantum Information Science Promise

As a supplement to the interstate report, the Department of Energy (DOE) is also publishing
Today's Round Table Report on Quantum Sensor at the Fundamental Crossroads

Science, quantum information science, and computing. Round Table Report provides one
The need for scientific perspectives from specialists in the research community is to promote the direction

What is Quantum Computer or Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computer Communication

Quantum informatics combines two great scientific and technological revolution In the 20th century: Quantum mechanics on one side, and computer-based information Science on the other One of the fundamental research areas involved in quantum.

Information science is quantum communication, which is related to information exchange Nearby, encoded in Quantum states of matter or quantum bits Remote quantum system.
  • High-speed quantum key delivery (QKD) system for secure communication;
  • The narrow linewidth single photon source for nuclear interfacing;
  • Single-photon frequency conversion technologies to interface stable qubits View band with flight qubits in the telecommunications band;
  • Efficient single photon detectors and ultra-high sensitivity spectrometer for telecommunications

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