What is Computer Programming Language?

What is Computer Programming?

What is Computer Programming?

Computer Characteristics
  • The computer is used to broadcast, store and manipulate information ie data 

Data type:
  1. Numerical Data
  2. Character Data
  3. Graphics Data
  4. Sound
  • In order to process a particular set of data, the computer must be given a suitable set of instructions called Program.

what is the Program

  • A computer program is a sequence of instructions (written in a special sequence in the computer-related language) which is executed by a CPU.
  • Machine Code or Machine Language

Machine Language Instruction

A computer machine can interpret and execute a set of instructions coded to language instructions.

Operation Code           Memory Location

1.           0110                  10001110
2.           111                    10001111
3.           1000                  01110001

  • Load from memory location (0110) 10001110 in a CPU register
  • Add 10001111 content (0111) to the value of the register
  • The result which is in the register is to copy (1000) in the location of memory 01110001.

Problems with Machine Language Coding

  • Very cumbersome to work: Hundreds of thousands of locations in more than 100 different machine instruction codes and memory.
  • Different types of computers have their own unique instructions set: Operation codes differ from one machine to another
  • A machine language program written for one type of computer cannot be played on any other type of computer without significant changes. 
  • Rewrite the program for different machines.

Note: Computer programs should be written in high-level programming languages which are independent of machine language.

High-Level Language

  • One instruction in a high-level language is equivalent to many machine language instructions.
  • Simplicity - The instruction set is more compatible with human language.
  • Uniformity and portability - A program written for a computer can usually be run on many different computers with little or no change.
  • General Purpose Language - C, Pascal, Fortran, and Basic. 
  • Special Purpose Language - CSMP, SIMAN: Simulation Language - LISP: List processing language, widely used for AI.

Compilation or Interpretation

  • Compiler: - Before executing any instruction, translate the whole program into machine language.
  • Interpreter: - The procedure through a program by translating and executing single instructions or small group instructions
  • The complainant/interpreter is a computer program in its own right. It accepts a program in the form of input like C in a high-level language and generates a related machine language program as the output.
  • A high-level program is called the source program
  • The resultant machine language program is called an object program.
  • Each computer's fruit has its own compiler or interpreter for a particular high-level language.

What is Computer Programming?

Computer Language
What is Computer Programming?

Computer Algorithm

  • The basic knowledge needed to solve problems using a computer.
  • Definition: - A finite sequence of instructions to solve the given problem.
  • The instruction should be written invaluable signage, interpreted and executed by a computing machine, which is called computer programming
  • Signaling is called a computer programming language.
  • Programming Language - Artificial language that can be used to control the behavior of the computer - is defined by the syntactic and semantic rules that describe their structure and meaning respectively.
  • Example: Different syntax (languages), but results in the same semantics:
--  x + = y; (C, Java, etc.)
--  x: = x + y; (Pascal)
--  x = x + y; (Initial basic)
--  x = x + y (most basic bids, Fortran)

Developing Algorithms

  • Flow chart - Graphically shows the sequence in which the instructions are performed in an algorithm.

Pick the largest of three nos
What is Computer Programming?

Flow Chart


  • The parallelogram is used to represent the input/output.
  • The rectangular is used to indicate any processing operation such as storage and arithmetic.
  • The diamond-shaped box is used to test the queries or situations being asked. 
  • - Round rectangles with rounded ends are used to indicate beginning or endpoints. 
  • - The circle is used to connect the different parts of the flow chart, which is called the connector. 
  • - Arrow indicates the direction to be followed in the flow chart.

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