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TheHackTech  Is Multi Tech Website here you can fined Ethical Hacking, Networking, Programming, Android, Computer Tips and Tricks and all Tech releted post daily with  english languge.this website is only desgine for our all lovely visitors for learn something new with our website.


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Hi'i'm Rahim Ansari ,from india, i love to blogging, Desing Website, Web Developing and Desiging i like to learn and share Technical Hacking/Security tips with you,i love my Friends.

About me 

My name is Rahim Ansari and age is 21 yeasr old from India. My passion is to learn more about Computer. i start my computer jaurney when i am 15 year. I also learn Ethical Hacking, Web Peneteration Testing and i also learn Networking,Programming,Android app development,Web Disigning like Fruntent and Backend Web Development.
I have knowladge about Kali Linux,Red Hat,Ubuntu,Fedora,Samurai and use this oprating system.
My Education BCA(Bachler of computer Application), and Certified CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) and prepare OSCP(Offensive Security Certified Proffesional).
I am CCNA Certified and also learn programming like c/c++, Java and Kotlin for Android Development and have a basic knowledge about python, javascript, html, php. 
The Purpose of the creating this to express my knowledge.